Dear citizens of Volusia County and Florida,
We are now a few weeks away from the very important 2022 election.
In 2004, my wife and I came to Volusia County, and we have grown to trust and love this community very much. Therefore, I am putting words and my heart on paper for your consideration in the upcoming election.
I’m gravely concerned that some of the most important rights and freedoms we are entitled to are now in jeopardy. My major concern is the preservation of the legal, medical right to abortion.
I am deeply concerned about the current trends, established after the recent Dobbs decision of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, which now creates catastrophic difficulties for our society.
First, it will not eliminate abortions. It will only eliminate medically safe and legal abortions. I am further concerned that this decision has made the body of every childbearing-age woman in America public domain.
These rights and responsibilities, which since 1973 have been the responsibility of the woman involved, are now taken from her and placed into government responsibilities.
I also know that much of this thought has been generated by Christians who are opposed to abortion. I deeply respect Christians who hold this position. However, I do not believe, as a Christian, that there is a right to impose this particular position on others.
I am a 79-year baptized Christian, a 53-year ordained Christian leader, and I have served 46 years as a certified Christian counselor.
In this time, I have grown to know that, although always traumatic, sometimes abortion is the best of tragic options. Medical circumstances, crime difficulties, and financial and personal capabilities all have to be a part of the decision-making process. This is an exceedingly personal life-altering matter.
I have come to know that any religious belief that is imposed creates great difficulty. It is also anti-Christian. Jesus always presented his convictions and beliefs as an opportunity for us to follow. He never demanded it legally be imposed.
In fact, every time well-meaning religious people have sought to impose their beliefs on others, it is done with great violence.
Consider again the Spanish Inquisition, the Hundred Years’ War, the Salem Witch Trials, planes flown into the World Trade Center, and scarves over women’s heads in Iran.
Jesus would decry all of these, especially those done in his name.
I therefore ask you to consider this when you vote this November, I ask you to consider carefully the view of your candidate on this important issue. I also thank you very much for reading this and taking it into consideration.
The Rev. Robert L. Berger
Orange City


  1. Pastor Berger is the reason my family left Emmaus Lutheran Church. The very reason is on display in this “offering”. He needs to read the Bible, not put his progressive views ahead of God’s word.

    David S. Rauschenberger


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