Editor, The Beacon:
We are fortunate, living here in America. Our government has lots of armed troops, but they are not for use against peaceful citizens. Thus, it has no means of armed coercion to enforce its internal policies.
Of course, in cases when martial law is in force, then it can use armed coercion. But only to protect life and property.
Having read American history, you already know about all those times when our government did use troops to control citizens. They were
used against mobs and rioters, right? Except the “woke” mobs and rioters of last summer, of course.
By the way, have you heard about our new 87,000 IRS agents? Yes, them: the new ones being added; to be armed and authorized to shoot to kill? The ones now being hired and trained?
That is 87,000 new armed government employees under the executive branch. Wow! That’s almost six divisions, all armed and trained to enforce executive-branch policies with armed coercion.
And, since our police departments use armored vehicles and tanks, well I suppose these new enforcers will have them, too. But they won’t need to use that kind of force to get your cooperation with
“woke” madness-legislation, will they?
Hey, it’s only the IRS, man! They can just send you a letter that you owe ($X) and it must be paid by (arbitrary date). It doesn’t even have to be true or accurate. It could just be an error — which, of course, may take weeks or months or even years to correct.
That dollar-and-date demand is just to start the enforcement process. You can fight it.
While you are doing that, they could, of course, block your bank account, put a lien on your home, block your credit cards, seize your “excess” assets, maybe seize your car, and process a garnishment
of your wages? Maybe do other persuasive things? But you can always just submit and satisfy them. You should never let your resistance reach the point where persons from the executive’s new six divisions of armed agents must visit you to enforce your compliance.
And you were wondering where the government would get the money to pay for all that new spending and forgiven loans. Silly boy! Our
governing elite knows that printing more money does not create wealth. You pay off debt by selling wealth, such as assets you have acquired, like houses or cars or inventories and such.
Richard Anthony
Editor’s note: According to news sources CNBC and Reuters, only a small number of the IRS agents will be armed.


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