Editor, The Beacon:

I have known Chris Cloudman since I was a kid attending summer camp at YMCA Camp Winona.

In all the years I have known him, there is one thing he has consistently displayed: a dedication to his community and the people in it. DeLand is fortunate that we are his community and his people.

Like my husband and me, Chris is raising his family here, which means he is focusing not only on what is best for DeLand right now, but what will be best for DeLand in the coming years.

As a mother of four young children who will grow up in DeLand, it is important to me that our next mayor also understands and responds to the needs of younger generations. Chris’ mayor’s youth council is just one example of how he plans to offer a voice to an often-overlooked demographic.

Chris has shown leadership and independent thinking while on the City Commission. He considers each project individually instead of making blanket statements about what is best for DeLand and then blindly voting based on those statements.

Chris’ time on the Planning Board, City Commission, and various other volunteer boards and councils has given him an unparalleled perspective on how these groups effectively work together to get the right things done in our great little town.

For a leader to make the best decisions for his or her community, he or she first needs to understand the priorities of the people in it. They must first be willing to dedicate their time through volunteering and showing up at community events.

I cannot think of anyone who has displayed this dedication more than Chris Cloudman. Every time I go to a community event, there he is.

And, much to the chagrin of his wife, Megan, he is there without his “Chris Cloudman for Mayor” pin.

He is there because he wants to be. He is there because he loves DeLand and the people in it. He is there because he wants to help DeLand be the best community it can be.

Vote for the best DeLand. Vote for DeLand’s future. Vote Chris Cloudman for mayor of DeLand.

Jessica Levings



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