gov ron desantis
Governor Ron DeSantis

Editor, The Beacon:

In response to the guest commentary “Vote to Protect Democracy” (Oct. 20), I heartily concur with the spirit of the title, but disagree with virtually everything else.

The writer paints a bleak and foreboding picture of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Florida, caricaturing him as “a would-be tyrant” who must be voted out to prevent “a totalitarian government” that threatens to destroy our precious freedoms, including “the rights to free speech, privacy in our most personal decisions, and voting.”

The truth is the virtual opposite of these baseless ad hominem attacks.

I ’m voting for Gov. DeSantis because he’s proven to be a competent, highly effective leader who courageously fights for the values of mainstream Americans.

To protect free speech, he championed a law that punishes Big Tech social-media forums who censor the statements and opinions of Americans which go against the prevailing “woke” dogma of the radical left and government orthodoxy.

He guided us through the difficult COVID pandemic with intelligent public-health measures but without the destructive and lockdowns, school closings, and mask and vaccine mandates that were imposed in other states.

Gov. DeSantis recognized the need to preserve the civil liberties of a free people and for “privacy in our most personal decisions,” such as whether to wear masks or inject novel vaccines into our bodies.

These are hardly the acts of “a would-be tyrant.”

The governor signed a voter-protection law that makes it easy to vote but harder to cheat. Not only didn’t this suppress anyone’s right to vote, but early indications are that more Floridians will cast votes this midterm than in 2018.

DeSantis also signed into law the Individual Freedom Act, which is a milestone in fighting against racial discrimination in schools.

Contrary to falsehoods put out by some radical leftists, the law has nothing to do with preventing the teaching of all aspects of American history, including race relations.

The law is aimed at the invidious and despicable critical race theory, which teaches children that by virtue of their skin color alone, they are born to be either “oppressors” or “oppressed.” Such racist tripe belongs in a Maoist re-education camp, but has no business being taught in a public school.

Other states have noticed our progress under this governor, and many citizens are voting with their feet by moving to “the free state of Florida.”

Let’s re-elect Gov. DeSantis and keep it that way.

John DiChiara



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