Editor, The Beacon:

Originally homestead tax exemptions were enacted to lure people to a fledgling state where development was needed.

With 1,000 people moving into the state each week, this exemption is no longer needed.

With the governor and Legislature, any measure produced in Tallahassee is a calculated attempt to benefit the party in power.

The three proposed constitutional amendments on the midterm ballot are designed to do just that.

As an example, Mrs. Jane Jones is a firefighter. If Amendment 3 passes, she will benefit from paying less property tax.

Her next-door neighbor Bob is a letter carrier who, if this exemption passes, will not receive a tax break.

Bob, however, thinks it’s a good idea to give Jane a tax break and votes for the amendment. He also thinks it’s such a good idea he votes for the party sponsoring it.

What Bob does not realize is that the tax burden he has lifted from Jane is now transferred to him, and he has now voted to pay more taxes himself, and needs to give himself a dope slap.

Also, Bob voted for the authors of the measure that let him do it. Give himself another dope slap.

It cost nothing for the party in power to get two votes from Jane and Bob, but Bob now realizes that no good deed goes unpunished.

The same idea applies to Florida judges. They are either appointed by the governor, or elected, but are not supposed to be representing any particular party. Therefore, they are not on either party’s slate.

There are no Democratic judges on the ballot. So if you vote for a judge in Florida, they will be Republican.

Judges are not supposed to be partisan. But as we recently experienced in the Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade, the Republican values that they were appointed for were clearly expressed.

Personally, I voted not to retain any judge because of that very reason.

Look beyond face value, and think of the consequences before you vote.

Tom Walker

DeLeon Springs

— Walker is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.


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