Editor, The Beacon:

Our first Thanksgiving was in 1621, to celebrate a year of survival in the New World.

The year 2022 will be our 401st year since our first Thanksgiving. We survived so far, so long.

Mr. and Mrs. America, We are survivalists; don’t give up on our great nation, our country, state, county, city and other small enclaves, villages, towns, etc.

Get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8. We are a constitutional republic, and for 246 years we survived.

Don’t blow it. No other country has had the freedoms we’ve had. Let’s keep it.

Our forefathers didn’t give up, so don’t you.

God bless America and all the patriotic, hardworking Americans who built this country.

Will our country be here for the next Thanksgiving and still be free?

A citizen of the republic,

Silvio F. Spiconardi



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