As the dust settles from the Nov. 8 election, we have a reminder for the newcomers as well as the incumbents who will be taking seats on councils and commissions across Volusia County.

Keep this in mind: We need change, and you can’t twiddle your thumbs and kick the can down the road.

Volusia County needs affordable housing. It needs stormwater improvements. It needs to strengthen communities against the effects of climate change. But it also needs to keep being a place where people want to live.

We need change, but we don’t need partisan bluster or change for the sake of showmanship that will create instability or drive down taxes one year and drive them up in five years.

“One of the values of a stable government is dependability,” Apgar said. “Businesses and economic-development prospects look for that.”

We need change, but we need civility and stability to bring about good change. Those assets have economic and intrinsic value, and we urge our representatives to keep that in mind.


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