Editor, The Beacon:

Today, I’m experiencing deep despair.

It feels like hate has not only infiltrated our breathing spaces, but folks have actually come out of their homes to vote for those who espouse not “doing unto others.”

Most prominent haters don’t even know that “Staying Woke” has to do with being aware and speaking up for your rights. It has nothing at all to do with violence against others, despite the fact that popular TV hosts continue to repeat that lie.

The term “woke” can be used for anyone who is experiencing fear about government interference into their personal lives.

Thus, making “woke” a perfect slogan for women in the USA!

It’s bothersome for me to see those with power continue to abuse it by boasting about their authority to not only continue removing books from schools, but they also are set on continuing to lie about the history of our country.

Historians have already proved that when we lie and hide our past, we are duty bound to repeat it — no matter how tainted.

I am horrified that in 2022, the populace is proudly being led by elected officials who are happy to lead the brigade in not only destroying our national treasures in the Capitol (Washington, D.C.), but they are also, at the same time, working hard to destroy our inner fiber.

Their acts are indeed shameful.

Patricia Harper Bennett



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