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Susan Currier has always been an artist. And now, Currier is honored to have been selected as the Featured Artist of this year’s Fall Festival of the Arts DeLand.

PHOTO COURTESY/SUSAN CURRIER Fall Festival of the Arts DeLand featured artist Susan Currier

Coming from a creative family, she has been creating art for as long as she can remember, though she said she might have started at 2 years old.

“We’ve always done some kind of art, or creative, crafty things. My mother was a big crafter, was always making things for family members and for charities and things. So it just seems like she always employed us to help her,” Currier laughed as she recalled her artistic beginnings.

Throughout her extensive journey as an artist, Currier has painted, taken up photography (including black-and-white photography where she developed her own photos), and made jewelry. She has since ceased processing photos and crafting jewelry to focus on drawing and painting.

Currier told the Fall Festival of the Arts DeLand she is inspired by nature and often finds inspiration in the environment surrounding her rural art studio.

Currier said she tries not to create photographic renderings but to capture what she calls the “essence” of her subject matter.

“I use my techniques to express energy and movement. And to just capture the personality or the essence of the subject matter, instead of doing like a photographic rendering,” Currier told The Beacon. “I want them to have movement when I’m finished; I don’t want them to be static.”

Her current artwork mainly features farm animals like cattle, farm fowl, horses, sheep and pigs. She also often sketches and paints songbirds. In these pieces, she uses charcoal as the base and paints for color.

While creating, Currier likes to blast music. She said the type of music depends on the time of day and her subject matter, though she did explicitly mention hard rock and folk music.

She knows when a piece is done, she said, comparing the process to the music she listens to while she works.

“I will pick the composition or the pieces as far as I can,” Currier said. “And there’s a point where it begins, like music, [to] crescendo. You reach where you want and then if you keep working, in my case, it’ll start to fall off.”

Currier equates art to who she is.

To read more about the Fall Festival of the Arts DeLand, including a schedule, list of exhibits and event map please visit: The Fall Festival of the Arts Deland program.


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