Editor, The Beacon:

With the expansion of both residential and commercial development in West Volusia, one cannot avoid noticing the enormous expansion of mini-warehouses and self-storage facilities that now dot every major thoroughfare in the community.

To the shock and dismay of the Lake Winnemissett neighborhood, yet another mini-warehouse is proposed.

The developer wants to construct the largest mini-warehouse in the area, with more than 75,000 square feet of storage, in our residential neighborhood with a scenic-drive designation.

While the developer is claiming this project as a “state-of-the-art architectural masterpiece,” in reality, it is a two-story, steel-and-concrete eyesore.

The last thing our community needs is another self-storage facility.

When will we stop destroying established residential neighborhoods? When will the affordable housing needs be addressed? When will the environmental impacts of paving over our lands be understood and stopped?

The County Council will have the opportunity to “Just Say No” on Tuesday, Dec. 6, when the proposal comes before them for a land-use change.

The county Planning Commission has voted to deny approval of the project, as they clearly understood that commercial/industrial development is inconsistent with residential homes.

How many is too many? This project is definitely one too many!

Jeanne Savoie


— Savoie has been a Lake Winnemissett resident for the past 24 years.


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