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SEEKING QUIET AND PEACE — Members of a Hassidic Jewish community near DeLeon Springs gather Nov. 6, along with a few others who live nearby, to meet with their neighbor, the owner of City Limits Taproom & Grille, to discuss late-night noise at the bar. BEACON PHOTO/ MARSHA MCLAUGHLIN

Editor, The Beacon:

In response to Al Everson’s story headlined “Bar, Jewish neighbors clash” in the Nov. 10-16 Beacon, I have to say that the Jewish community residents are not the only residents affected by excessive noise from City Limits Taproom & Grille.

I live much farther away, just off of Grand Avenue in Glenwood, and I frequently hear their loud music late at night. I can’t imagine how awful it is for those who live closer.

It doesn’t seem fair that those of us who moved here when what is now City Limits was a nice quiet restaurant should lose sleep (and our property values) now that this nuisance has moved in without any consideration.

There were people living in this area long before City Limits arrived.

In addition, it seems like there should have been a better consideration of the noise ordinances when it is that close to several churches, who sometimes have functions on Saturday evening while the noise is blasting from that place. Has anyone actually monitored the decibel level they put out?

As for the meeting reported on by Everson, I don’t know what they did to let residents know about the meeting, but most of us didn’t hear about it, or we would have been there, too.

It’s not a fight just between the Jewish community and City Limits Taproom & Grille; it includes all of us who live in the surrounding area who would like some peace and quiet again.

Kristi Ward



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