angry cousin

A DeLandite in his early 30s was at home in the early evening Sept. 26 when someone knocked on his front door. The homeowner opened the door and saw that the knocker was his cousin who lives in Eustis (and who will henceforth be referred to as Angry Cousin), who began talking smack against him and trying to get him to go outside to fight. Homeowner “declined to go outside” and told Angry Cousin to leave. He closed the door, but Angry Cousin “started banging on it.”

Homeowner told his mom to call the police. Meanwhile, Angry Cousin kicked the door open, came in, and shouted at the homeowner to come outside.

Homeowner “grabbed his late father’s knife and told [Angry Cousin] to get out.” He forced Angry Cousin out the door but couldn’t keep him from coming back in because of the smashed condition of the front door. (I’m not sure if Angry Cousin was also smashed.)

So Homeowner threw a bottle of wine at Angry Cousin. When the latter realized the police were on their way, Angry Cousin picked up the wine bottle and threw it at the house. (So clearly sharing a bottle of wine with an adversary doesn’t always lead to friendship and reconciliation.)

Angry Cousin got into his SUV. Homeowner “thought [Angry Cousin] would just leave the area without further incident but observed [Angry Cousin] drive onto the front lawn in an attempt to strike him with his vehicle.”

Finally Angry Cousin drove away, heading east on West Howry Avenue, which included driving near the DeLand Police Station at 219 W. Howry, where Angry Cousin was taken into custody.

An officer who searched him found a plastic baggie in his right front pants pocket and noted that the baggie contained three blue pills. Those pills turned out to be a drug you aren’t supposed to get without a prescription. The drug is used to treat anxiety and, sometimes, panic disorder; side effects can include paranoid thinking and the worsening of memory and judgment.

The police report didn’t mention any particular grievance that Angry Cousin had against his DeLand cousin, but maybe the drug he was taking was all he needed to be angry and knock down doors and try to hit someone with his SUV.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, Angry Cousin lives in Eustis. So, again I ask, why do people from other places bring their crazy to DeLand?!

By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277-TIPS. You could be eligible for a reward.


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