PULLING TOGETHER — Participants move a fire engine, inch by inch, in the 2018 DeLand Fire Department Pumper Pull event. BEACON PHOTO BY BILL MCINTYRE

Editor, The Beacon:

“I don’t see much boredom in my future,” said Barb Girtman, when she was interviewed by The Beacon.

We applaud her for her service, for the race she ran, and the grace and class with which she ran it.

We are very familiar with races, as we had formed and planned Team Barb Girtman to compete in The Chief Hanes Pumper Pull. We were excited to raise money for and with the DeLand Fire Department for the Childhood Cancer Foundation, and do it as part of Barb’s team, running and pulling for her re-election.

Our team was 50/50 women and men, inspired by a strong all-women’s team and recruited by women for Barb G. and her campaign manager Nancy.

A pumper pull requires strength, team effort pulling together, and a bit of refusal to notice how tough the task is, not unlike politics.

As it turned out, this year it also required a hard pivot due to Hurricane Ian deciding that resources were needed elsewhere.

Definitely no boredom in any of our futures as we regroup for the next challenge.

Thanks, Ms. Barb!

Read more about Lorin K. and Jill R. in “Women Like Us,” at the blog Twinwomenlikeusblog.wordpress.com.

Jill Rubin



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