Editor, The Beacon:

Some thoughts for the Volusia County Council:

The DeLand SunRail Station will be a gateway in and out of Volusia County to and from the rest of the world. I, and others, feel it should represent us well as a community and it should be a showplace that is inviting and safe.

We must not forget the value Amtrak also brings to the community and the advantages a properly designed DeLand station could bring.

I also feel there should be a museum at the DeLand station that highlights the significance trains and riverboats brought to our county.

In addition, the DeLand station would be a wonderful place to dry-dock the vintage tugboat that was returned to DeLand.

The county has, as is often said in County Council meetings, kicked the can down the road long enough on the issue of SunRail. It is time to start moving forward with the public’s input.

Please bring the DeLand SunRail project out of the shadows and call for a nighttime workshop that will allow for the public to participate in the process.

Keith Chester



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