Editor, The Beacon:

Sorry the noises woke you. It was all a nightmare; none of it’s real.

Reality is the historic male hero; that’s all you need to know. As long as you’re like him, anything goes.

You’re free to be just like the rest, free to be the one who knows best.

You are free to ignore the feelings of others, to ignore history and the part anyone else played. There’s no reason to consider their fate, or our responsibility for such.

There was never a trail of tears, never a hanging that wasn’t deserved, never a camp for Asian folk, never a wall to keep them out.

After all, the statue says “come” — a whisper, perhaps, more than a shout.

So go back to sleep, none of it is true. Just don’t think about those who are different from you.

Don’t care, don’t feel. Go back to sleep; sorry you woke.

And for God’s sake — don’t think!

Georgeanna Kiser



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