The Orange City Council has tapped a deputy clerk for the top post as keeper of the town’s public records. 

Kaley Burleson was the choice of council members aiming to fill the office, following the creation of a vacancy resulting from the abrupt exit of Melani Beringer earlier this year. Beringer resigned after allegedly failing to meet legal-advertising requirements for pending actions by the City Council. 

The council commissioned a national search for Beringer’s replacement. Robert Slavin, an executive-search consultant based in Norcross, Georgia, conducted the search that concluded with the selection of Burleson. Burleson was one of eight top candidates recommended by Slavin. The city will pay Slavin $24,621 for his efforts to find and screen prospects for the position. 

After Beringer resigned, the council named Finance Director Christine Davis as interim city clerk. Davis also continued to work as Orange City’s finance chief. 

Burleson, who has served in the clerk’s office for almost two years, will become clerk, subject to her completion of a professional course and negotiations for a contract for her services. The city clerk is the custodian of the city’s public records and the one in charge of maintaining official records of the meetings and actions of the City Council and other official bodies, such as the Planning Commission.

Orange City’s city clerk is a charter officer, meaning that person is hired by and answers directly to the council. The city manager and city attorney are the other charter officers in Orange City.


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