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THE END MAY BE NEAR — Reconstruction is underway at the Hotel Putnam in Downtown DeLand in August. Now, engineers have determined the building may be in danger of imminent collapse. It's not clear whether renovation efforts — or simply the passage of years — may have caused the damage.

City of DeLand says it may be ‘structurally compromised’

The historic Hotel Putnam has stood in DeLand for a century, but it might finally have to come down.

According to the City of DeLand, a report by BBM Structural Engineers determined that the building, located at 225 W. New York Ave., “has rapidly deteriorated on the east wing of the structure.” 

The city ordered a structural engineer’s report after the building was deemed unsafe in September


While the Putnam’s current owners, Axia Partners, planned to rehabilitate the historic building, the latest report’s findings might lead to its demolition. 

“The report concluded with a recommendation that the building be demolished in whole,” a statement from the City of DeLand said.

“We are disappointed to receive the news that the Putnam has been deemed structurally compromised,” Mayor Chris Cloudman said in a statement. “The building has stood for many years in the heart of our downtown, and it is my hope that the property will be redeveloped in a manner that pays homage to the once prestigious hotel.”

Axia Partners Managing Partner Jeremy Long said he was disappointed, too.


“We, too, are saddened with this outcome,” he said. “We remain committed to finding a use for the Putnam site that pays tribute to the once prestigious hotel and the history of DeLand that it reflects.”

Could the building come down tomorrow? City Community Information Manager Chris Graham said the city wouldn’t order a demolition so soon.

“Based on the engineer’s report, yes, it could possibly collapse at any time, but no,” he said. “Something like demolishing that type of building, especially in relation to State Road 44 and other structures? No, it’s not coming down tomorrow.”


  1. The City of DeLand should buy it and turn the property into a wonderful town square. We need visionaries in DeLand. Winter Garden, Winter Park, and Mount Dora offer some very good examples of vibrant and friendly downtowns. What hurts DeLand is the busy highway that runs through town and building those apartment complexes on the main boulevard will also take away from what could be in downtown. Plopping yet another large apartment complex in the middle of town on the Putnam property is not the answer, if that idea is brought forward. I certainly would never profess to have all of the answers but I do know DeLand lacks the feel and the charm of the other cities mentioned above and we should take the opportunity to learn from their best practices.

  2. I commend comments of KLC. Good time to step up and commit $. Considering replication of other successes saves time & money.
    Let’s take action now to put DeLand on the map.
    Let’s make DeLand attractive to the Orlando overflow. I suggest we select a committee to address.
    Suggesting that we designate an existing organization the accountability or appointing a new body.
    Let me know if I can help.

  3. As God would say if you built it, they would come so rebuild make a GREAT night club ground level and a hotel above.


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