REPRESENTING US — An East Volusia representative addresses Volusia County legislators, from left, Sen. Travis Hutson, Rep. Tom Leek, Rep. Webster Barnaby, Sen. Jason Brodeur, Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff, Rep. Paul Renner and Sen. Tom Wright, at a listening session of the Volusia County legislative delegation held in DeLand Oct. 6, 2021.

The City of DeLand will host Volusia County legislators Monday, Jan. 9, as part of the annual Volusia Legislative Delegation meeting. Once a year, ahead of the start of the Legislature’s annual term, local residents and representatives of localities across Volusia County can bring important matters to the attention of their elected representatives.

This year’s legislative session will begin March 7, but a number of bills on hot topics have already been filed, including a bill that would enshrine the right to same-sex marriage in state law, and Gov. Ron DeSantis has called out issues like the unrestricted carrying of firearms as priorities for the Legislature’s 2023 session.

 The delegation includes all Florida representatives and senators whose jurisdiction includes, no matter how small, a part of Volusia County. That group is: 

— District 27 Rep. Stan McClain  

— District 28 Rep. Tom Leek

— District 29 Rep. Webster Barnaby

— District 30 Rep. Chase Tramont

— District 7 Sen. Travis Hutson

— District 8 Sen. Tom Wright

The legislative delegation meeting will kick off at 9 a.m. in the City Commission Chambers at DeLand City Hall, 120 S. Florida Ave. The meeting is open to the public.


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