Editor, The Beacon:

Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Republican-controlled state Legislature recently touted their solution to our increasing cost of homeowners property insurance. They did everything that the insurance industry asked.

They subsidized reinsurance with taxpayer money, curtailed the ability of homeowners to litigate insurance settlements, and threw homeowners off Citizens Property Insurance into the private-insurance market. All said and done, the insurance industry got their steak, and homeowners got the gristle.

Nothing in the recent legislation was designed to lower the cost of homeowners insurance. Rather, everything was designed to keep insurance companies “in the gravy.”

For years, insurance companies collected exorbitant premiums without any payments for hurricanes. Now, they have a sympathetic governor and Legislature that will do their bidding.

Attempts by Democrats to amend legislation to freeze or subsidize homeowners policy premiums were voted down by the Republican majority.

Shame on the chameleons who claim to help the homeowner!

Chuck Oakwood



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