Editor, The Beacon:

To compare Putin’s invasion of Ukraine with the German Nazi invasion of Poland is to ignore historical context. Ukraine was part of the USSR. Its borders have not historically been clearly defined. Trade and exchange have marked the recent past.

Since the overthrow of the neutral government of Ukraine in 2014 by right-wing extremists, promoted by the U.S., there have been tensions and actual internal fighting between Ukrainian factions.

The conflict in Donbas and Luhanshchyna has been termed a civil war. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, holding support only slightly above 50 percent, won an election with a pledge of peace.

The conflict eventually resulted in a cease-fire and the Minsk agreements among Ukraine, Russia and Russian-backed separatists, which called for the holding of free elections in the disputed areas.

Ukraine never conducted those elections as agreed. President Zelenskyy sought to conduct the elections but was thwarted by right-wing extremists and the U.S. diplomatic corps to the extent that the State Department was consulted.

From 1991 until the present, Russia has expressed security concerns regarding the expansion of NATO. That and U.S. arming and training of Ukrainian troops have further intensified the threat. Recall how in 1962 the U.S. threatened nuclear war when Soviet missiles were being deployed in Cuba and perceived as a threat to our security.

Without U.S. free supply of weapons and training, there would either have been no war or it certainly would have been ended long ago. Untold pain, destruction, death and refugees’ relocation could and can be avoided. Stop funding a pointless war with no realistic goals.

War is the ultimate evil! See War in Ukraine by M. Benjamin and N. Davies, 2022, at www.orbooks.com.

Sheldon Skolfield

DeLeon Springs


  1. A very easy opinion really, unless you are Ukrainian. I would think if it was your country being attacked, your friends and family being killed, you would very much expect help from the rest of the world. Your opinion is a very selfish one actually, as long as it not hurting you it’s OK? Your reasoning is with twisted facts, and very one sided.

  2. The author has his head in the sand. Zero thought here for Russia’s real
    Goals – for certain the author is a Putin supporter for sure! Paid or just ignorant is the question. Was this written in Florida or Moscow is my

    We had voices like this in the 1930s saying Germany is not a U.S. issue.

    Anyone wanting to know more should research outside of baseless Opinions such as this dribble.

    Former Army Officer


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