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For those with a passion to impart knowledge to the up-and-coming generation, there are opportunities waiting.

Although the 2022-23 academic year began more than five months ago, the Volusia County school system is still lacking scores of classroom instructors. The School District still has 141 open teaching positions, and hiring continues. Recruiting and placing teachers have been stepped up.

“We can get it done pretty quick,” Volusia School District Human Resources Director Stephanie Workman told The Beacon, when asked about the pace of putting teachers to work.

How quick?

“About a week,” she replied. “The longest part of the process is the fingerprint part.”

All applicants are required to be fingerprinted as part of a criminal-background check.

“We have to vet the application,” Workman added. “Once they’re vetted, they can start applying for positions [in particular schools].”

Workman noted the district has a special website devoted to attracting teacher applicants. The site is, she said.

“There’s a button that says ‘Careers’ right at the top. That will get them to the page, and it will tell them where they can see current vacancies.”

Workman’s supervisor and co-worker, Human Resources Chief Mark West, says the district is planning a hiring blitz in the spring.

“Our big hiring time is coming up on April 26. That’s our teacher-hiring fair. It’s going to be at the Ocean Center. It’s for the entire district,” West said.

As for the critical needs in staffing, West said the Volusia County schools are especially wanting more teachers of mathematics, science, elementary education and exceptional-student education, commonly referred to as ESE.

“That’s where we have the highest numbers of vacancies,” he added.

West also said there are teacher shortages throughout the county.

“Not limited in any particular area,” he said.

As for meeting the teaching shortages that exist now, West said the classes have adult supervision.

“We fill most of our vacancies with substitutes or with district support personnel. We have covered many of our vacancies,” he noted. 

West said the starting salary for a new teacher with no experience is now $47,575 per year. Experience plus continuing education advances teachers into the upward pay grades.

“Salaries fluctuate based on education, experience and the number of years in the Volusia County schools,” he concluded.


  1. I’m making mention of this to all of the business I deal with. I asked if they could look applications, they have to reach out and remind those people who were not hired, including a mention of the 🏡 tax break


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