car robber bent oaks

The DeLand Police Department is urging residents to lock up following more than a dozen car burglaries over the weekend.

Officers in the Bent Oaks Subdivision responded to the area early Monday and spoke with 15 residents who said their vehicles were broken into overnight. Police did not observe any sign of forced entry.

Items stolen include a firearm, $2,000 computer and knifes.

Earlier this month, our officers responded to a rash of car break-ins involving 10 vehicles in the southeast side of the city. Three weapons were stolen during those incidents.

Police are asking residents to lock their doors and remove all valuables once they arrive home or to their destinations, especially overnight.

During many of the car burglaries, police are discovering that suspects are stealing firearms from vehicles.

We are concerned that the weapons being stolen from vehicles could potentially be used to commit other violent crimes in our community and/or other communities outside of our city.

The majority of the car burglaries are happening during the late hours of the night. Therefore, if you are alerted during the late hours of the night and notice any behavior that would be considered as suspicious, please call (911) to report this to law enforcement immediately.

We want to ensure the community that public safety is our number one priority. We appreciate the community’s cooperation in this matter and updates will be posted on our social media sites as soon as they are available.

Vicki Karr 


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