THE REST OF THE STORY — While we disagree with letter-writer Rik Davis’ opinion that a Black-power salute is racist, Mr. Davis’ letter did make us question our editing of the photograph he refers to, which is presented here in its entirety, showing educator and mentor Sharon Brown’s V.O.G.U.E. (Elite) dance troupe performing a routine at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day festivities at Earl Brown Park. The young person we singled out in our print edition is at far right. We thank Mr. Davis for making us realize that our editing of the photo may have altered the readers’ full understanding of the event. BEACON PHOTO/MARSHA MCLAUGHLIN

Editor, The Beacon:

I find it odd that a newspaper that prides itself on inclusiveness and opposes racism will print a photo of a young lady on the front page raising her fist in a black power salute. This symbol is as racist as someone shouting “white power.” So much for Beacon objectivity.

Rik Davis



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