Editor, The Beacon:

To those who chose “R” as their “think tank group — no matter what”: 2023 logs in as year number seven since the very wide doors of “Hate Your Fellow Man” were blatantly opened and, sadly, remain open.

Your “group in charge,” including the head of this once-beautiful state, have apparently lost all sense of reason. It appears that the attention of “the R Group of politicos” is focused on staying near the “hate door” (which includes exclusion!).

Stop and think about our monthly checks: I paid into the Social Security system for my entire 40 years in the workforce. Why would I … why would anyone … support those who think of our money as an entitlement they can take from us? Why take away … or even deny us health care when, at the same time, we are all paying for your platinum-coated health care?

Why support those whose mantra is to “just tell a lie and keep repeating it — they’ll believe anything you say.” Hell no, I will not!

The fact is that we pay the salaries of the same politicians who not only gave themselves a big fat raise in pay after 2017, but also are fighting right now to prevent the actual working man from getting $15 an hour. Is that thinking really OK with you “R” people?

Those whom you put into office actually demonstrate, on a daily basis, that they care nothing about the well-being of folks who have to work for a living. They don’t have time for us because many “high-end” politicians are busy becoming millionaires by taking money from insurance and drug companies.

Folks! We are being played like a violin by toxic politicians! It used to be great going into local stores and exchanging a smile and “good morning” with strangers. Now, I see women suddenly calling their wandering children and instructing them to “stand by my side” when this old lady, me at age 85, is shopping in the same aisle. Sad. Inclusion is the answer, not exclusion wrapped up in hate messages.

The messages you are being fed by your “R ..wanna-be-the-leader” are shameful and, to me, a national embarrassment. How about putting your focus on making your elected officials put our money in the places that they know are endangered: our ever-dirty rivers; our polluted air; disappearing fish and wildlife; our streams and lakes; our neighborhoods with no drainage systems; erecting needed sea walls for Daytona Beach and other beach areas; and the care of our trees (which they are allowing to be mangled by continuous construction).

And, by the way, do you really think a politician knows better than a college-trained classroom teacher (grade school to university) about what is appropriate learning for your child? No. Our state has become the national leader in the art of race-baiting and -hating topics being packaged as popular political talking points but actually devised only to stir up more S#*T!!

So … I want my S.S. check plus the raise, don’t you? Our government can/should provide health care for every citizen, especially those who worked for it!

I want the Post Office to grow and not be shut down and given to private investors. I want to focus on racial harmony, not racial hatred … and on and on.

In the end, if we do not agree to live and work together, if you … “the R folks” … do not publicly reject the multiple hate messages you are receiving and at least make an effort to “do the right thing,” we indeed will all perish … and it won’t be pretty.

Patricia Harper Bennett



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