The site of the now axed Automall along Orange Camp Road.

The Lake Helen City Commission narrowly voted against allowing an amendment to their comprehensive plan that would have moved forward an effort to put residential housing on the site formerly intended to be an Automall.

At the commission’s Feb. 9 meeting, the vote was 3-2, with City Commissioners Roger Eckert and Rick Basso voting in favor, and Commissioners Heather Rutledge and Charlene Bishop and Mayor Cameron Lane against.

To read The Beacon’s most recent update on the former automall project, click HERE.


  1. That location would be perfect for a much needed Truck Stop and restaurants….With so many warehouses going in around the area it would work well and the County and City of Lake Helen would benefit from the property tax and gas tax revenue. There is a long stretch of I-4 and I-95 north and south without any Truck Stops. The extra traffic would just be there at the interchange so that shouldn’t be a problem. It is common knowledge that heavy commercial activities work best next to highway interchanges so if you buy a home near one you should expect it to occur at some point. In our modern society, most of the goods we purchased are delivered in big trucks and those big trucks need places to be fueled and the drivers of those big trucks need places to rest, eat, shower, and purchase basic necessities. Enough of the NIMBY mentality, that area was designated for commercial activities for many years and a large Truck Stop and restaurants would bring jobs.


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