Five days before Christmas, a 58-year-old Deltona man went to the liquor store and came home inebriated. His wife “reminded him that he became suicidal the last time he was drinking.” (Maybe not a wise thing to mention to Hubby while he’s drunk.)

Hubby “picked up a knife and said, ‘you want to see me be suicidal?’” and made “a stabbing motion to his chest as he was saying the above quote.”

Wife backed away from her husband; he put down the knife and walked toward her. Then he “grabbed [Wife] by her arms and pushed her into the Christmas Tree where she fell and landed on her back.” (Merry Christmas, darling!)

Hubby had been repairing a toilet, but, apparently still angry, he “smashed [the toilet] on the ground.”

At this point, Wife called 911.

When they arrived, deputies heard and believed Wife’s account, and they made note of the fact that she is 67 years old. Of course, battery on a person age 65 or older is a felony.

As though this weren’t enough of a problem for him, Hubby was “extremely belligerent” with the deputies and yelled at them when they asked him questions.

Finally they placed him in handcuffs and started walking him to a patrol car. At which time, the genius purposely used his shoulder to strike a deputy in the chest.

So he was charged not only with felony battery on his wife, but also felony battery on a law-enforcement officer. He was taken to jail.

We have no word on how Wife or Hubby spent Christmas Day.


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