Editor, The Beacon:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to remove Black history from AP (college-bound) choices because of irrelevance.

Among others, he’s keeping Italian history/culture. Implicit in his choice is the imputation of inferiority due to our previous condition of servitude.

Despite our past servitude, our post-slavery political impotence, and our state-sanctioned “welfare class,” “still, we rise!”

Faced with similar obstacles, others turned to violence to gain respectability. Others violently displaced Black workers, then condemned them for not wanting to work (look at how they live!). Others waged decadeslong intimidation of employers and politicians to gain money and respectability.

Now, cloaked in that ill-gotten “respectability,” DeSantis and his ilk dare to proclaim theirs a superior history/culture (only in America).

As it is now, if we had dared tried to take “respectability” — as did others’ ancestors — we would have been eliminated without a whimper from God-fearing, law-abiding Americans.

Julius C. Bennett



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