Long considered a place for retirees and aging adults, Deltona has become a city with families. 

The Deltona City Commission Feb. 20 approved zoning modifications, known as conditional uses, for two places to meet the needs of the younger set and their parents.

The commission approved Deltona Presbyterian Church’s request to allow a child care center in a part of the church’s complex at 2300 Howland Blvd. The church property is zoned Single-Family Residential (R-1). 

The child care center will be limited to 53 children and nine staffers. The plan calls for customary child care, along with a voluntary prekindergarten (VPK) program and after-school activities. Under the approval conditional use, the church will be required to secure a city-issued business license, known as a business-tax receipt, and it must obtain a building permit for the construction of an enclosure for a dumpster.

In another instance, the City Commission OK’d the property at 689 Deltona Blvd. to be used a nonprofit private school. Formerly a performing-art center, the building will become the Exceptional Learning Institute. The property is currently zoned Professional Business (PB). 

The school will specialize in aiding children with learning difficulties, including autism, from kindergarten through fifth grade. The Exceptional Learning Institute will have a maximum enrollment of 50 students, and it will have 10 adult staff members. As with the new child care center, the school will be required to secure a city business license.


  1. Deltona made it very difficult to open the facility on Howland, they had to jump through tons of hoops just to get approval. Most people would have given up on it all together. The approval was not easily received.


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