Pinkies up! One lump or two? High tea? No, high hilarity is more like it! Prepare the runway — classic British humor has crossed the pond, cleared customs, and is about to land at the Athens Theatre in DeLand! Bringing with it, suitcases, trunks and wardrobes full of belly-grabbing laughter!

Noises Off, an outrageous, fantastic, and typically English farce, makes hilarious fun of the unbelievable backstage antics you’ll find in just about every theater! From seriously missed cues and incredibly flubbed lines, to eccentric, out-of-control egos, this sidesplitting comedy has more love triangles than a geometry lesson! Be prepared to enjoy over-the-top high jinks and sensational slapstick humor that will have you gasping for breath between bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

With a plot the Athens Theatre can certainly relate to, Michael Frayn’s Noises Off offers a fun glance at the multifaceted lives of those who toil in the theater. It offers a tale brimming with line-specific memory loss, fiery affairs and risky adventure.

Follow along as this theater troupe attempts to enact their production of Nothing On. As a play within a play, it showcases three unbelievable acts: the dress rehearsal, the opening night and the final performance.

Audiences are given a true behind-the-scenes glimpse into the inner workings of the theater, wardrobe malfunctions, sandbags, pulleys and all! You’ll witness the building friction between cast members, as the tumultuous final performance reaches its zany zenith!

Overflowing with classic comedy, Noises Off is replete with slamming doors, falling trousers, and — wait for it — copious amounts of sardines! Yes, sardines!

If you loved Clue, you are going to have a hard time controlling your raucous, chair-shaking, gargantuan guffaws when you come to see this fall-off-the-edge-of-your-seat performance opening Friday, March 3, with our traditional champagne (or sparkling juice) toast. The play runs through Sunday, March 26.

Moreover, it features so many faces you know and love playing dual offstage/ onstage roles! Beginning with everyone’s favorite chameleon, Alan Ware, who plays the roles of Garry/ Roger, the pompous, self-absorbed, double-cheater and inappropriate real estate agent, using his client’s home for an illicit romp!

Ware is a 2022 Broadway World Regional award-winner Best Actor in a Play for Clue! He has been adored in A Christmas Story, the Musical, Les Misérables and over a dozen more plays on the Athens stage.

Aimee Aballo is Dotty/Mrs. Clacket, young-loving, aging television star and the kooky, Cockney housekeeper! She has previously wowed in The Wedding Singer, Holiday Inn and Always, Patsy Cline.

Christie Young is Poppy, the overly emotional, deeply sensitive assistant stage manager and understudy to the female roles. Audiences will remember her standout roles in Young Frankenstein, Rock of Ages and I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!

Lauren Muller plays the part of the cheerful and sensible Belinda, along with the domestically challenged Flavia. Audiences will recall her wonderful, recent role in Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Joshua Houvouras plays the parts of Frederick, an actor with a terrible fear of violence and blood, and Philip, a tax-evading, rural life-loving Englishman. He most recently appeared in the Athens’ frightfully funny production of Young Frankenstein!

Samantha Stonecipher plays the roles of Brooke, a pretty but rather aloof and inexperienced actress, and Vicki, a sensationally sexy agent for Inland Revenue. Audiences will recall her most recent role in Rock of Ages!

A few new faces will also be bringing their comedic talents to the stage, including Peter Gould playing the roles of sauce-hitting Selsdon and the elderly, silver-stashing thief.

Durrell Brown plays the part of Lloyd, the overworked, pretentious and all-seeing director.

Jeffrey Otto plays the role of Timothy, the supremely stressed stage manager.

The entire production (and production within the production) is directed by the incredibly talented Frank Ramirez, director of fan favorites Clue, Mamma Mia! and 9 to 5. He is also a 2022 Broadway World Regional award-winner Best Director of a Play for Clue.

And so, gather the gang for an evening of “oh my gosh, did that just happen?!” The play is filled with deadpan delivery, terrific tongue-in-cheek moments, brilliant banter and poignant puns.

Did we mention that this concentric play to the power of two features an impressive two-story, completely revolving set? This masterful scenic megaplex was designed by Tori Oakes, who has designed other superb sets for the Athens, including the one for Into the Woods.

Therefore, take heed and prepare for an onslaught of outrageous comedy! You have been warned, the British are coming!

Tickets and more information can be found at or by calling the box office at 386-736- 1500. Box-office hours are 1-5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, and 1 1/2 hours before live performances.


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