Rick Mullen

Editor, The Beacon:

My family and I are manifestly grateful that Rick Mullen is willing to resume his position as head of our city utilities after he reluctantly retired, and we strongly urge you to take him up on his offer to come back online so-to-speak.

In his absence, a magnitude of errors, slip-ups, false starts and lack of knowledge of our unique utility maintenance needs here in Lake Helen have occurred under the auspices of a company/companies that were hired by the city that could in no way replace Rick with all of his intimate working knowledge of our utility system.

It is highly unusual these days for anyone to be connected to a position such as Ricky has done — several decades is a rare deed. But rare works, and Rick and his generation of co-workers have become legends. He was born and raised here in Lake Helen, where he raised his family and has strong and loyal connections with most everyone who has known him over the years.

Now, as we meet with one another, with love and gratitude as our boundaries, to implement plans for the welfare of our “Gem of Florida,” and those we hope to serve … please stop at nothing to make sure we experience it by helping to free us from the frictions that distance us from one another and, in the words of Garrison Keillor, “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”

Lewis and Caryn Long

Lake Helen


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