A 30-year-old woman visited a Volusia Sheriff’s Office substation in Deltona on Dec. 29, saying she was in fear for her life and that domestic violence had occurred at her house on Christmas Day.

Some deputies went to the woman’s house in Deltona and spoke with the woman’s husband’s sister. Sister said there have been a number of domestic-violence incidents involving her brother and his wife. Sister said Wife was usually the primary aggressor, and she showed deputies a photo of her brother “with a bite mark to the left side of his face” that she said he received from his wife.

Wife told a deputy that on Christmas Day “she went through [her husband]’s phone and observed [her husband] texting another female.” She said this led to a quarrel, and her husband threw coffee at her, “which hit [Wife] and [one of their children’s] jacket.” Then Hubby left the house.

She said he came home the next morning, and the couple started quarreling again. Wife said she “broke [Hubby’s] phone because she was upset.”

After more quarreling, Hubby went into the bedroom to lie down. Wife seized the covers from the bed and pulled them away from Hubby; he tried to put them back on, and wife tried to re-remove them.

Wife said Hubby hit her “in the neck and face area” and then “began to drag [her] throughout the bedroom by the hair.” She said she “fought back and kicked [her husband] and bit him in the face.”

Wife also said she got a knife that was under the bed and told Hubby to stop abusing her. (Who keeps a knife under the bed, other than Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct?)

She said Hubby “retrieved an empty glass bottle and after a brief standoff parties separated without further incident.” Then, Wife said, she left home and headed to a hotel.

Hubby told one of the deputies his side of things, which was pretty much what his wife had told them, except that Hubby didn’t mention the squabble on Christmas Day or anything about striking Wife, dragging her by the hair or grabbing a bottle after she grabbed a knife.

One of the deputies noted that Wife “appeared to have no marks or bruises,” and another deputy “observed [that Hubby] had a bite mark on the left side of his cheek.”

A deputy said that he was “unable to corroborate the incident on 12/25/2022 involving the coffee,” so he couldn’t ascertain if a crime had occurred that day.

He placed Wife under arrest on a misdemeanor charge of battery touch/strike. (I guess biting someone isn’t specifically mentioned in Florida statutes.)

And to think, law enforcement only got involved because Wife went to the Sheriff’s Office in fear for her life.

— By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277-TIPS


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