carlos navarro
ON AIR — Actor and Real Radio 104.1 FM host Carlos Navarro joined The Beacon recently to talk about the arc of his career, his love of Central Florida and a lot more.

For a recent episode of The Beacon’s podcast, “Now You Know,” actor and radio personality Carlos Navarro sat down with Beacon staff writer Noah Hertz to talk about his careers as a radio personality and an actor as well as how his life has changed since he moved to DeLand from Orlando.

Navarro is one of the regular hosts on Real Radio 104.1 FM’s Monsters in the Morning program, and he’s starred in movies like Identity Thief and TV shows like Marvel’s Hawkeye and The Walking Dead.

In his conversation with The Beacon, Navarro told the story of how he landed an internship at a radio station in Orlando at just 17 years old.

Carlos Navarro:
“I did four years of TV production at Lyman High School, and I would’ve done five — shout out to Ms. Goodrich, the teacher there, she taught me to be a professional in high school.

“I already had a TV production job at 16, in high school. … So I was graduating high school … and my mom, out of the blue, she’s like, ‘Carlos, they’re hiring at the radio station, you should go up there and tell them’ … I had just gotten denied from Pizza Hut, that was my job status at the moment. So I rode up there, I walk in there into the lobby … and I’m like, ‘Sir, are they hiring anybody?’ and they’re like, ‘No, we’re not hiring anybody, but we’re looking for interns.’

“I get the application, and on the application, I write, ‘I will even sweep the floors.’”

To listen to more episodes of “Now You Know” click HERE or search for the show wherever you listen to podcasts.


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