Larry Howard

Editor’s note: For this year’s Black History Month, Greater Union Life Center is sponsoring banners along Woodland Boulevard in DeLand honoring 16 individuals who have made a positive impact on the city of DeLand, and Volusia County.

Larry Howard, a maintenance worker for 25 years at the Chisholm Community Center, was honored by Greater Union Life Center for being a DeLand community advocate. Howard’s main focus is on connecting with young people who come through the center.

“We’ve had a lot of kids that came through here that have done community service hours. And while they’re doing hours, I try to talk to them and get them to change their lives as well, to do better,” Howard said. “I’m just trying to pass on to kids what my mom and dad taught me.”

Howard said his parents taught him to be respectful, especially to his elders.

“I have been disciplined for not saying the right stuff to my elders, and they were real strict about that. How you respect your elders, no matter what color, race, whatever. They are still your elders, and you respect them,” Howard said.

He attempts to be a role model and mentor for every youngster he interacts with.

“I’m working at a place that is mostly Black. You know what I’m saying? What I have been taught, I try to give back. I feel like that’s giving back to them,” Howard told The Beacon. “It’s just kids in general. … If you teach them and you have a very serious conversation that you show them that you care about them, that speaks a lot. That does a lot.”



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