CELEBRATING A MILESTONE, POPULAR PHYSICIAN RETIRES — Dr. Bruce Rankin appears at his retirement party at DeLand’s Sanborn Center. Instead of treating patients, Rankin will now have more time to spend finding ways to prevent conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, and developing treatments for diseases. Rankin pioneered in the development of coronavirus vaccines for major firms such as Pfizer and Moderna.

For a recent episode of The Beacon’s podcast, “Now You Know,” well-known family physician Dr. Bruce Rankin, director of Accel Clinical Research, spoke with Beacon staff writer Noah Hertz to reminisce about his 36-year career in medicine, his role in vaccine research, and his recent retirement from practicing medicine.

Even people who aren’t familiar with Rankin have likely been affected by his work, thanks to his research and contributions to the development of vaccines for influenza, shingles and COVID-19.

Rankin on being a physician in a close-knit community like DeLand:
“I’ve been a part of so many families, and I feel like I have hundreds of families I know and I’ve been part of, and I’m going to miss them. All I can tell them is, hey, when I’m walking around town trying to get into Walmart, come by and say hi. … This has been a fabulous community to practice medicine in.”

To listen to more episodes of “Now You Know” click HERE or search for the show wherever you listen to podcasts.


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