A police officer was dispatched to an automobile dealership in DeLand on a Saturday morning regarding someone who’d been shot. A dealership employee had been walking in the service area when he heard a loud noise and felt a slight pain in the calf of his left leg: A bullet had grazed him.

A 56-year-old Deltona woman told the police officer “she had pulled her … truck up to the service area [of the dealership] to get an oil change. When she did this, she went to grab her .380 silver/black Bersa pistol … from her cubby on her door. … she had grabbed the holster of the firearm and when she did this, the firearm fell out of the holster and hit the ground, causing it to discharge.”

The officer noted that the woman has a concealed weapons permit.

The grazed employee’s wound was “superficial with slight redness on his left calf.” He didn’t want any medical treatment, and also declined to press charges.

Don’t you wonder if there will be a lot more accidental shootings if the law changes and pretty much anybody can legally carry a firearm?


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