A 30-year-old woman and her daughter showed up at a discount store in DeLand early in the morning. The manager told them they couldn’t go inside because the store hadn’t opened yet that day.

Even so, the woman went inside. When she tried to check out, the employee working the cash register (or whatever the heck they call these things now) wouldn’t check her out because the store still wasn’t open yet.

The 30-year-old woman “grabbed the iced coffee off the counter and threw it on the ground along with other items.” Then she walked out of the store and started yelling and throwing more items, including “a box of tumble tweets,” which she threw at the manager, hitting her in the leg. (What are tumble tweets? I never heard of them.)

Though the manager wasn’t injured, she wanted to press charges. She managed to take a photo of Angry Woman’s license plate, which she showed to a DeLand police officer.

The officer obtained Angry Woman’s information and her official driver’s license photo, then set up a photo lineup for the store manager to see. The manager picked Angry Woman out of the lineup, and a charging affidavit was created.


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