volusia county ambulance
Volusia County ambulance

The County of Volusia has received inquiries seeking information regarding the county’s plans to end a lease agreement with the City of DeLand that permits housing Volusia County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff at Fire Station 82, 257 W. International Speedway Blvd., DeLand, and relocate the county’s EMS staff to Volusia County Fire Station 46, 920 Glenwood Road, DeLand.

The county can confirm that its lease agreement with the City of DeLand’s Fire Station 82 will expire on March 25, 2023. This was an operational decision based on data and geography in West Volusia to optimize coverage and response times.

Emergency Services Director Jim Judge had multiple conversations regarding the move from Station 82 to Station 46 with International Association of EMTs and Paramedics President Jason Lademann going back several months. Former EMS Director Michael Colman explained at the EMS Workshop on March 16, 2022, that data indicates that positioning an ambulance at Station 46 is a more optimal location. Colman subsequently followed up with an email to EMS staff on March 18, 2022, indicating that the county was moving forward with an EMS station at the county’s Glenwood Fire Station 46 in DeLand.

With the county’s lease agreement approaching its expiration date and coupled with the impacts of growth in DeLand, the City of DeLand chose plans to renovate the space at Station 82 to accommodate additional fire equipment and to construct individual dorm rooms to better serve its diverse workforce.

Volusia County EMS operates on a hybrid operational model that includes station-based locations and employs a Dynamic Deployment System that uses data to strategically position ambulances to move throughout the county to provide timely responses. The county is not transitioning away from Dynamic Deployment. However, we are assessing locations suitable for respite activity. The county was not forced out of the lease by the City of DeLand, nor is it a downgrade; if anything, the ability for EMS staff to respond to calls more rapidly is an upgrade for the community’s well-being. EMS presence will effectively continue as the county positions the new station in an area that spreads coverage in addition to the station at the TCK Annex in downtown DeLand.

The modular respite building that will open at Station 46 is 404 square feet, which is 96 square feet larger than the 308 square feet area currently used at Station 82. The modular respite building at Station 46 is fully equipped with a couch, rest quarters, bathroom, shower, a kitchenette, and an office area – all the amenities available at Station 82. It can also withstand winds up to 146 mph. Decontamination procedures for staff (not to be confused with disinfection) should continue to be performed at the hospital as appropriate.

“Based on call volume and community need, our hybrid operational model is designed to provide the greatest good for the greatest number of our residents,” said Emergency Services Director Jim Judge. “We will continue to provide the most optimal EMS coverage throughout Volusia County and continuously explore ways to better serve our community through data-driven decisions.”

-Clayton Jackson


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