Editor, The Beacon:

Dear Public, what does it take to make Floridians recognize real harm being done to its citizens? Day after day, this governor pushes the Republican supermajority to enact the worst possible laws and restrictions on its people, and it crashes on our heads.

Higher-education campuses taken over by far-right crazy administrators intent on making our children stupid. Medical administrators pushing fake, crazy medical information. Book fanaticism across the state with school boards that are fanatical people who supplant educators and media specialists.

The governor is following in the footsteps of fascist leaders like President Erdogan of Turkey who is crushing his people, so that the governor can qualify for president here in 2024.

Abortion banned after six weeks. Anyone knows what that means. Down the path of inaccessibility, completely.

As I have said here many times, all the people I know who went for abortions for their children and/or themselves were publicly against it. But they still want it illegal for everyone else.

As usual, a few dictating the way to live for all of us.

Get off Fox News, read some real facts, support the path to public benefits for all. Stop being so selfish and narrow-minded. Be a real American supporting the real Constitution.

Judith Southard



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