Editor, The Beacon:

Here’s a thought: Stuck on political party affiliation, in my mind, equals stuck on stupid! The list is long, but the short list has to include the lives lost in Nashville and the “absolute refusal” of those “employees” in the “R” party to even consider discussing the need for gun safety. The bobbing head of this once beautiful state has signed papers that allow even the worst of us to carry weapons of mass destruction … no permit needed.

Please recall that along with the year 2016 came blatant public behavior by elected officials which signaled “it’s fashionable to hate your fellow man”; “scientists are public enemies”; beautiful songs and books for young children which advocate loving are removed by the “fascists in charge.”

Voters should notice that a person who is elected to public office (even president) cannot become a millionaire based on his/her salary. So, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where they are literally collecting thousands of “extra dollars.”

The populace is so hypocritical! How can you attend your house of worship, the Book in hand, on one day and promote kicking the homeless in the butt, signing laws which malign women, and methodically flushing American history down the toilet.

Stop using our tax dollars on your “look-at-me” campaign and give us that sea wall before the ocean takes Florida away.

Lastly, folks, it is insane to keep a person in a “public servant” position who consistently votes to take away my health care and my Social Security for my good health, when we not only pay their salaries, but they have the very best health care available … on our dime!

I worked 40 years, and am enjoying receiving those checks I saved for. The suggestion by these people to take it all away (from all of us) merits them losing their cushy jobs.

You “R” people are killing us … not even “softly.”

Patricia Bennett



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