Editor, The Beacon:

All of us are aware of the event on Sept. 11, 2001. A war ensued to find and punish the perpetrator. Ten years later, justice was finally served with the capture and death of Osama bin Laden during Barack Obama’s tenure.

For some unseen reason, the conflict continued until 20 years had passed. The Afghans strongly requested our departure, and made certain promises. After 20 years of improving freedoms with allied forces in their country, a vacuum was created when we left.

Within weeks of our departure, promises were broken and the original government reclaimed their position with little change.

Autocratic regimes exploit weakness and exact power where they can. They eliminate any criticism of their agenda, censor and destroy books contrary to their beliefs, and eliminate any free expression of ideas or thought.

One may believe I am referring to Russia, China, North Korea, etc., but alas no. I am referring to the governor and Legislature in our own state of Florida. All of these activities and more are being perpetrated here and run through the legislative process as quickly as possible to allow the least amount of resistance in the guise of keeping Florida free.

Our constitutional rights are being whittled away, not with a hammer and chisel, but with a pneumatic jackhammer.

Criticism of the “don’t say gay” policy was met with reprisals against The Walt Disney Company, with Reedy Creek being taken over by the governor.

The content of schoolbooks was met with censorship and removal. Criticism of any government endeavors is met with HB 991, which would make it easier to sue for defamation, being introduced in the Legislature.

As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and as a patriot, I swore an oath to protect the country against enemies foreign and domestic. I am appalled that these elected officials violate a similar oath. We must be vigilant and not let these elected people take our constitutional rights away.

Tom Walker

DeLeon Springs


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