ALL THINGS BROWNIE —Stackd Brownies allows the customer to choose whatever they desire in a bundle. This six-pack includes some of my favorites like the M&M Brownie, Cinnamon Bun Brownie, and a Brownie Whoopie Pie.

“I think 90% [of folks] do not know that there’s a full brownie bakery in this plaza, and they haven’t been in just for that reason,” Stackd Brownies owner Jason Long said. “But when I say brownie bakery, I mean we do everything a bakery does but it’s brownie-related. So, brownie bread, brownie cannolis, brownie stuffed cookies, brownie whoopie pies, brownie ice cream, brownie everything.”

Stackd Brownies’ DeLand location opened in late October 2022. The bakery’s newest location in the West Volusia Regional Shopping Center on South Woodland Boulevard is its fourth in Central Florida.

Stackd Brownies sells brownie-based cakes, pies, brownie bread pudding, brownie stuffed cookies, brownie ice cream, and more. Everything is made fresh inhouse daily, and it shows. Stackd bakers typically come in around 6 a.m. to make sure the brownies are made for the entire day by 10 a.m. Weekdays require three to four hours to make at least 12 dozen brownies. Weekends are busier for the Stackd team, with about four to five hours needed to make even more.

“I designed the whole concept during COVID, if you can believe it, out of pure boredom,” Long explained. “I was testing and testing, using the highest-quality ingredients, the best quality chocolates, the best-quality cocoa, and playing with ideas to come up with not only a great brownie, but a brownie that stands up like ours do.”

One of their secrets, he said, is French cocoa, along with locally sourced ingredients like eggs and milk. The brownies have to have a cupcakelike structure in order to hold other desserts or toppings stacked on top.

I ordered three brownies — Twix, Maple Brown Sugar Blondie, and an Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Bundt. My favorite, by far, was the Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Bundt. I was genuinely shocked by how big the brownie was. It wasn’t just a brownie, it was made of different desserts stacked on top of each layer. It started with the Oreo cheesecake on the top, with vanilla Bundt right below, while the brownie served as the base.

The Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Bundt is the perfect example of a Stackd Brownie. The structure for this brownie takes the shape of a Bundt cake; it’s easy to stack other desserts on top due to its downward slope.

For all you corner-piece brownie lovers, the brownie edge is crisp all the way around. Every brownie from Stackd is the corner piece, taking the shape of a cupcake. The crispiest brownie I had was the Twix Brownie. For decoration, they topped it with chocolate buttercream frosting and pieces of Twix, caramel, and chocolate drizzle.

More into vanilla? Blondies are what you’re looking for. A Blondie is a vanilla-based brownie. Stackd has the original Stackd Blondie bar and other blondie twists like the seasonal favorites Pumpkin Blondie and Apple Pie Blondie.

HIP HIP HOORAY — Cai Lopez, right, and Chadd Borecky work at Stackd Brownies in DeLand, and you’ll get used to seeing them if you take advantage of the bakery’s rewards program. Every dollar spent earns one point, and every hundred points gets you a free brownie bakery product!

“Our bakery takes pride in their work every day, and it is very unique that we are a mom and pop,” Long said, adding that “Some people might [say], ‘Oh, I don’t like brownies,’ but we are way more than brownies. There’s something for everyone.”

Stackd Brownies does not offer any catering services, but they can still support your special occasion. Long said that they are more than happy to make things in bulk if you call them up and order ahead of time. Stackd asks customers to place large orders over the phone two to three days in advance before your projected occasion. There are no limits for ordering; recent orders included 600 mini brownies and a brownie birthday cake!

Each brownie costs $4, and bundles are packaged in a four-pack for $16, a six-pack for $24 and a dozen for $48. Every day of the week has a different deal. For example, Thursdays are dedicated to medical workers, veterans, teachers, firefighters, and police, all of whom receive 25 percent off their purchase. And on Tuesdays, Stuffed Brownie Cookies cost $2 each!

As an added bonus for being a customer, buying any size box allows you to get a refill of those brownies for half the price. A team member will place a sticker on your box showing the date, and from that day on, you will have seven days to bring the box in for a half-priced refill. Stackd calls this the brownie bounce back, and it doubles as the company’s environmentally conscious efforts.

The bounce back program is part of Stackd Brownies’ zero waste policy where nothing is wasted! Any brownies left over at the end of the day are made into a different dessert such as brownie ice cream or brownie bread pudding.

“I’ve had people go outside and eat our brownies in the parking lot and come back to buy more for half the price!” Jason said. “We are not a breakfast, lunch and dinner — we’re a treat, we’re a snack, so our goal is to bring you, the customer, back here today. I don’t want to see you a month from now, I want to see you next week, that kind of increases our usage on a monthly basis.”

You can visit Stackd Brownies in four different locations: DeLand, Oviedo, Lake Mary and Mount Dora.

— Najah Lane is a Stetson University senior currently working as an intern at The West Volusia Beacon.

2679 S. Woodland Blvd., DeLand, FL 32720
OPEN MONDAY – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., TUES. – SAT. – 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
CUISINE: American
SPECIALS: Snickers Brownie, Pecan Turtle Brownie, and Salted Caramel Brownie
SEATING OPTIONS: Wheelchair-accessible
PRICES: $4-$48
MORE INFORMATION: 386-624-7043
Check out Stackd Brownies on Instagram for new and exciting brownie treats @stackdbrownies.


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