BEACON PHOTO/AL EVERSON NEARING COMPLETION — Twelve months after its construction began, the new 1 million-square-foot warehouse across from the Amazon fulfillment center on North Normandy Boulevard in Deltona is almost ready to open. The end user, Deltona Economic Development Coordinator Jerry Mayes said, is Amazon. The online retailer, he noted, will use the new facility to stock and ship different items than those in the older fulfillment center. The opening date of the new Amazon building has not been announced.

Surprise! We now know who will occupy the new sprawling 1 million-square-foot building across North Normandy Boulevard from the Amazon fulfillment center — and the company is AMAZON!

That’s right. Amazon has effectively doubled its presence in Deltona. Word of Amazon’s intention to use the nearly finished facility comes from Deltona Economic Development Coordinator Jerry Mayes.

“Two-point-four million square feet in Deltona. This is a big win for this city,” Mayes told The Beacon.

There is not yet word when the new building will be opened for employment and operations.

Amazon moved into its 1.4 million-square-foot fulfillment center in the Portland Industrial Park in 2020. An estimated 1,500 people work at the Amazon fulfillment center, which operates around the clock almost every day of the year.

Last spring, construction of the 1 million-square-foot building on the east side of Normandy Boulevard began, but the incoming user was not disclosed. The owner of both of the Amazon buildings is Seefried Industrial Properties, an Atlanta firm.

GROWING DELTONA’S BUSINESSES — Deltona Economic Development Coordinator Jerry Mayes, at left, talks with friends following the ribbon-cutting for a new Checkers drive-thru eatery at 1537 Saxon Blvd. Mayes helped lure many businesses and employers to Deltona, including Amazon. The huge online retailer is poised to begin operations in a second mega-warehouse directly east of its fulfillment center on North Normandy Boulevard.

Asked why Amazon has two buildings in Deltona, Mayes said the new warehouse will stock merchandise different from those of the fulfillment center.

Asked about the newly added presence of Amazon in his city, Deltona Mayor Santiago Avila Jr. said the huge global company is helping more people outside Deltona.

“There are some [Deltonans working at Amazon], but the majority are not Deltona residents,” he said. 

Avila said he wants to see more workplace development in Deltona Village, a 140-acre business-planned-unit-development (BPUD) now anchored by the Epic Theatres to the north of the Amazon properties. The mixed-use spread is to include retail/commercial businesses, restaurants, offices, light industrial firms and apartments. The City Commission earlier this month capped the number of apartments in Deltona Village at 414.

AMAZON PART 1 — Amazon opened its 1.4 million-square-foot fulfillment center in 2020. The facility provides work for an estimated 1,500 people, according to Deltona Economic Development Coordinator Jerry Mayes. Some 300 large semitrucks arrive at and depart from the complex each day.


  1. I hope they add more restaurants to the deltona area. Even near deltona walmart area. Even a major gas station near 415 and Howland Blvd. Would greatly benefit that area where gas stations are needed. And traveling without running back into town to get gas and then go back to then take 415.

  2. They will never get restaurants not enough lunch crowd not enough worker’s in deltona they all work in Orlando.

  3. The area around the Amazon warehouses is a missed opportunity for Deltona. Close to I-4 and Deland, anchored by the Epic Theater, this would have been perfect for restaurants and shops. Instead the Deltona community gets warehouses and apartment buildings.

    • Small minds ruined Deltona. The “management”(?) is more interested in kickbacks and accumulation of personal wealth, ever since its inception.

  4. Deltona is one of the most corrupt cities in Florida.
    If a business isn’t with the last name of Lopez or Rodriquez it will Not be allowed! 4 Puerto Rican families run this crappy town!

  5. Deltonians could have used a nice non fast food resturant, and a publix. I love Deltona. 5 years living here.

  6. I’ve lived here in Deltona all my life and I absolutely hate it. City commissioners are corrupt, and any business you need to do you must travel to orange city/Debary or Sanford. Most expensive water bills in the state and highest crime in Volusia. Just a real dump. Absolutely disgusting place to live.

    • Agreed!!!! Bring back “Tar and Feather” and run the bastards out of town. The Courts are just as corrupt, so they are just as useless.

  7. Instead of complaining, why not unite to get the necessary stores in Volusia…
    Five Below; Einstein Bagels; TJ Max; Marshall’s; @Home; a Wawa gasoline station; Bravo supermarket; Sadanos supermarket; WholeFoods; Sprouts; Michael’s. Stores that will give the young and seniors an opportunity to help themselves. And make the community a better place. Put a POSITIVE vibe in DELTONA.

  8. My first time in Deltona; DeLand was where Hendrick Motorsports used to test for Daytona. This must be why they were out of commission. Testing, testing one, two ,three. Cost me a lot of Mayhem with my boyfriend at the time. Nobody knew what the fuck was going on!

  9. OK so let me get this straight. Deltona was incorporated in 1995 so for the last 27 years it’s been run by majority white establishment a Puerto Rican is elected to be the new mayor in November and we’re gonna blames Puerto Rican for Deltona’s bad situation, shaking my damn head.


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