Editor, The Beacon:

Deltona, population nearly 97,000 as of the 2020 census, doesn’t meet the qualifications necessary to build a casual-dining lunch and dinner restaurant. Some of the insane reasoning of late is that “there’s no lunch business in Deltona.”

Of course not, genius site locators! Everyone has to support Orange City restaurants, population 13,000! Who fills their restaurants for lunch and dinner?

The Howland Boulevard area in Deltona is exploding in growth, apartments and distribution centers. The Center at Deltona is a beautiful entertainment venue, lonely without a casual-dining restaurant on the acreage in front of it.

Well, Deltona still has four Big Macs (soon to be five), a couple of B Kings, and dozens of pizza, sub shops, etc. But no lunch business.

Bill Tavernier



  1. Good to do research on an area before moving there. According to local law enforcement a lack of dining establishments should be the least of Deltona’s many problems.


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