Editor, The Beacon:

Cory Mills, our Republican U.S. representative, has stated he believes we should protect our nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. He has stated he believes we should support and defend our Constitution. And, in the next breath, he shows himself a fraud.

Mr. Mills still believes (a la Trump) that Joe Biden was not elected president. He carries on Trump’s “Big Lie.” This denial might be politically expedient, but it is an arrow into the heart of our democracy. As a newly seated representative, he passed out dummy hand grenades to his colleagues as an introduction. The symbolism speaks to his disdain for our institutions.

Mr. Mills recently stated he wants to see if the civil rights of the Jan. 6 insurrection protesters were violated. These are the rioters who desecrated our nation’s Capitol and attempted to prevent the peaceful transition of our government.

Mr. Mills has a very perverted view of what our Constitution demands. For someone who claims to support law enforcement, he has scorned the five police officers who lost their lives soon after defending our nation’s Capitol Jan. 6.

Mr. Mills has been involved in several businesses selling munitions to dozens of countries. Being a protege of Trump, he refuses to disclose whom he sells arms to, and has no regard for ethics or conflict-of-interest issues. Yet, he dramatically proclaims he would not support sending one dollar of aid to help Ukraine repel their Russian invaders. It begs the question: Who are his business associates? And exactly who are our nation’s foreign and domestic enemies?

Years ago, English writer Samuel Johnson wrote, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

Notwithstanding Mr. Mills’ military service, he brings shame to our district, state and nation. He has followed in the footsteps of Benedict Arnold. Some of our domestic enemies unfortunately have a seat in our own Congress. May we have the wisdom to say “No” to the Trump Kool-Aid.

Chuck Oakwood




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