Editor, The Beacon:

In the words of the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, “The highest court in the land shouldn’t have the lowest standards.”

Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America Clarence Thomas has been spending the past 25 years of his life in the lap of luxury, thanks to a generous Republican friend.

He didn’t feel it was necessary to report his use of private airplanes, private yachts and many exclusive vacation resorts throughout the world, because they were gifts from a friend.

As an associate professor of mathematics at the University of Florida, I was given a $50 gift certificate from a student after I approved his Ph.D. thesis. I reported this to my department head, who gave the standard answer: “If it smells wrong and looks wrong, report it or don’t take it.” That’s the standard everywhere with gifts. I didn’t take it.

Justice Thomas didn’t think there was anything wrong with living like a billionaire, even though his friend was an ardent donor to Republican causes. He says that the other Republicans on the boats, airplanes, and mansions never talked politics with him. Does anyone believe that?

Justice Thomas claimed that they were old-time family friends. Records show that they only became friends, and he only began getting billionaire-level benefits, after he became a Supreme Court justice; five years after.

He also claimed there was no conflict when his wife, who also was living the billionaire’s life with him, communicated repeatedly with Donald Trump before the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

He had nothing to do with those Jan. 6-related communications, Thomas said. Does anyone believe that?

If it smells wrong, looks wrong, report it or don’t do it.

Meanwhile, Republicans want the judge in the New York case against Trump to recuse himself, because he gave money to the Democratic Party. Joe Biden didn’t give him jets, yachts and houses. The judge did what every good Democrat does, give to the party.

But Republicans say a Supreme Court justice can take millions from a GOP megadonor, and not be questioned. Democrats can’t contribute to their own party.

Save your souls, Republicans. Listen to what you are saying.

Tim Olson



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