Editor, The Beacon:

In regard to the article on tickets given out at the intersection of 17/92 (the Boulevard) and New York (44), I feel that it would better serve the public if the signs were lit.

It would draw attention to the rule and help eliminate the cause of irate drivers behind that vehicle and also a possible ticket.

Another area I would like to mention is the intersection of U.S. Highway 17-92 and State Road 15A (the truck route), where there is a sign stating NO TURN ON RED.

I believe that this being a very busy and dangerous intersection that an illuminated sign (or signs) would benefit everyone. I have seen many cars stopping and proceeding and witnessed many near-hit accidents.

Kitty Ostermann



  1. There’s no question that the “no turn” sign is inadequate at this intersection. It is too small and illumination would help.


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