DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS — The recipients of the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation’s scholarships receive their honors at The Center at Deltona March 4. From left are Paula Yorker, co-founder and executive director of the foundation; Iris Qu, Winter Springs High School, third place, $900; Triniti Belflower, Deltona High School, first place, $1,500; Paige Horne, Pine Ridge High School, fifth place, $500; Jocelyn Torres, Trinity Christian Academy, second place, $1,200; Jeana Dundon, DeLand High School, fourth place, $700; and Albert Yorker, co-founder of the foundation and its public-relations director.

More than a decade after her sudden death, a young woman who aspired to become a pediatrician still continues to be a force for good.

Thanks to the work and dedication of her parents, Sia Yorker is touching lives by aiding up-and-coming medical professionals.

“She always wanted to be a doctor,” Paula Yorker said, describing her daughter Sia’s intention.

aspiring pediatrician, Sia
Christine Yorker lost her life following a brain hemorrhage in 2011.

A 2009 graduate of Pine Ridge High School, Sia Yorker’s life was cut short by a sudden acute brain hemorrhage in June 2011, while she was in her third year of premedical studies. Sia had attended the University of North Florida before being accepted to continue her education at the University of Florida. She passed away suddenly at 19, with little indication she had a fatal condition, Paula Yorker said. Sia Yorker had suffered no concussions or similar trauma or even symptoms of a brain disorder, but she had complained of pain behind her right eye, her mother said. The pain subsequently subsided and went away, but Sia died a short time later.

Paula Yorker and Sia’s father, Albert Yorker, channeled their grief and sorrow into ways of helping others. In 2012, the Yorkers established the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization that seeks to help others interested in medical careers, via scholarships. The awarding of scholarships to deserving high-school students in Central Florida is one of the foundation’s annual highlights. This year’s awards ceremonies took place March 4 at The Center at Deltona.

The organization also provides information about brain health and ways to avoid brain injuries. The foundation provides bicycle helmets to youngsters and information on bicycle safety. The group has a website,


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