RIGHT OFF WOODLAND — Porkie’s BBQ restaurant, formerly a 7-Eleven, but the former gas station and convenience store housed a few other restaurants before Porkie’s came into the picture.

Porkie’s BBQ in DeLand is a family business owned by father-and-son duo Gary and Scott Myers, cooking up delicious barbecue at the corner of North Woodland Boulevard and West Plymouth Avenue.

Gary Myers first opened Porkie’s in South Daytona with a partner. The two later split and went their separate ways. Porkie’s of DeLand has been owned by Myers and his son Scott since 2011.

“What’s not to love about the location?” Gary Myers said. “I’m a block from Stetson, I’m on a main road, I’m on a corner, and it’s free-standing.”

When I walked in the door, the smell of meat being barbecued took me back to old family cookouts. Like the restaurant’s slogan goes, I smelled their butts from a mile away.

TENDER TASTERS — A pulled pork sandwich with a side of the dirty taters and fries. The sandwich was stuffed with pork on two buns of white bread.

“Most of the pork and beef comes out of Virginia, Smithfield, delivered by Sysco U.S. foods,” Myers said. “The catfish and other ingredients are locally found.”

I ordered the regular pulled pork sandwich with a side of the dirty taters and fries. I enjoy potatoes in any size, shape and form, and these didn’t disappoint. The sandwich was stuffed with pork on two buns of white bread.

All the sauces are made in the restaurant, and the heat level ranges from mild to OMG. These are Mild, Sweet, Carolina Red, Gold Rush, Sweet Hot, XXX and OMG.

I added the sweet sauce to my sandwich to avoid scratching my taste buds clean off; I read several reviews online claiming the three hot sauce options were too hot.

My meal arrived quickly, and the pork was very tender. I was skeptical at first when I saw my dirty taters — chunks of red potatoes with onions bathed in oil — considering how dirty they were. Once I took a bite, though, they melted on my tongue, and my skepticism melted away, too.

The cornbread was more cakelike and airy, its color a rich yellow. Biting into the cornbread caused it to crumble into several pieces, making it last longer to enjoy.

Inside Porkie’s, the restaurant contains antiques collected by Gary Myers and his late wife. They are all in the restaurant in remembrance of her. The antiques are displayed all over the walls and include old family pictures, pig figurines, and license plates from all over the country.

Even the walls, made with decorated wood, carry on that antique, rustic feel.

INTO THE PIT — A peek inside Porkie’s BBQ restaurant, made of decorated wood to carry that antique, rustic feel.

Soft country music was playing — very soothing — and there were a few TVs for people to watch the game, or the news. It was also very dim in the restaurant. Even though the windows are big and open, the sun didn’t penetrate very much. They also have outdoor seating options.

In the future, Porkie’s could consider adding vegetarian options for their customers. Their salads, called “The Green Initiative” on the menu, all have meat included by default except for a basic side salad.

The restaurant even has a kids menu. Kids age 12 and under can choose from pulled pork, grilled chicken or chicken tenders for $3.95, with a drink included.

If you’re looking for just meat, they sell brisket, ribs, barbecue chicken and more by the pound. And Porkie’s has a tasty dessert menu, too. I had the strawberry shortcake, a new addition to the menu. The cake melted in my mouth, and the strawberries were covered in a red strawberry jelly sitting on top, moistening the cake. All of it was topped off with whipped cream.

Bella Hinson has worked at Porkie’s for over three years. She’s a little new to DeLand, and she really loves visiting Downtown.

Her favorite menu item is the chicken sandwich on garlic toast.

“Best thing ever,” Hinson said.

If you’re looking for something messier, Hinson recommends the baby back ribs.

900 N. Woodland Blvd. in DeLand
MON. – SAT. – 11a.m. – 9p.m.
SUNDAY – 11:30a.m. – 8p.m.
CUISINE: American
SPECIALS: Jumbo Pulled Pork Samich, Regular Pulled Pork Samich, and Beans and Franks with your choice of bread
SEATING OPTIONS: Indoor and outdoor seating; wheelchair-accessible
PRICES: $10-$25
MORE INFORMATION: 386-279-0021</span


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