Editor, The Beacon:

To all this concerns:

To keep this brief, I won’t bore you with statistics that you can find, but Florida at one time was third in the nation for agricultural growth of citrus, vegetables, cattle, dairy, chickens and greenhouses, just to name a few.

The state’s agricultural status has been diminished with housing, concrete and development, resulting in the loss of resources, with the prime one being natural water. Not enough water to supply what is in demand, along with nowhere for rainwater to go when it rains.

Instead of promoting development of growth, why not be promoting agricultural growth and save what little land in Florida we have?

Thus, no more housing being flooded, people losing all their belongings, with home insurance continuing to climb. It doesn’t take an engineer to recognize what is wrong, just some common sense.

Agriculture was developed here for a reason; it is low land. Let’s save the people the hardship, and let’s save our state.

Vickie Hough

DeLeon Springs


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