As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, the Volusia County Property Appraiser’s Office is nearing completion of the 2023 pre-preliminary overall real estate values and the tax roll.

Another record high in both categories is likely. Without specifying the size of the total market values and the taxable values, Property Appraiser Larry Bartlett says there will be increases in both numbers. Last year, the county’s total property worth amounted to nearly $84.9 billion, while the tax roll was $63.3 billion.

The just value is the estimated market value of all land and improvements within the county, while the tax base is the sum of the properties subject to taxation, according to the values of those parcels within the total count.

By state law, the pre-preliminary just value and tax roll must be released on or before June 1, but Bartlett has usually released the figures several days before the deadline.


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